Eco-Friendly Dust Suppressant & Particle Stabilization

Dustkill has paved the way for environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, high quality dust suppressants made in the U.S.A from sustainable resources.

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We provide an eco-friendly approach to stabilizing and suppressing particulate on rural and industrial surfaces without relying on corrosive materials or producing harmful byproducts. Our patented and domestically produced plant-based formula stabilizes the surface of gravel roadways, parking lots, truck terminals, riding arenas, and more!

Rural Residential

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Our Process

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Step Two


We will create a custom plan specifically tailored for your property’s size and conditions, making the application as efficient and effective as possible.

Step Three


You can apply Dustkill yourself, or our experienced service technicians can apply Dustkill for you. We can work with your schedule to make things as convenient as possible, but we also aim for ideal conditions in which weather will allow for the most effective and lasting application achievable.

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On behalf of Pennsylvania State University, thank you once again for coming here and applying your DustKill product…  The road gets traveled very heavily every day and the product has held up great.” 

– Mike Brown, Supervisor – Penn State Physical Plant