Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is your product?

Our dust dampening application is safer than other chemically based products like sodium chloride or magnesium chloride. A 100% plant-based product, Dustkill is renewable, sustainable, and non-corrosive.

It is safe to use on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties without contaminating surrounding soil and groundwater.


Can I apply Dustkill myself?

Yes, you can apply Dustkill yourself, or you can have one of our experienced service technicians apply it for you. We will create a custom plan specifically tailored for your property’s size and conditions.


What is your service area?

Based in Lancaster County, we frequently work with homeowners, property managers, and farmers in southcentral Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, Berks, Chester, and York counties. However, our service technicians can apply our treatment anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic states, including Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.


How long does your treatment last?

Our treatments are designed for long-term results. A single application of Dustkill is designed to hold particulates together throughout the long dry summer and into the early fall.


Can your treatment be used for residential applications?

Absolutely! Our treatments are perfect for unpaved driveways, access roads, and parking lots. To find out how you can keep the dust down at your home, contact us today.


Is your treatment certified for commercial/industrial use?

Yes, our treatment is commonly used for agriculture, industrial, and municipality use. We also work on unpaved parking lots, railroad yards, airports, sawmills, truck terminals, and other facilities that see a lot of truck traffic.

For specific questions about our treatments, please contact us today.